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Etatron GB's Chemical Dosing Pumps, Controllers and Dosing Systems are reliable, robust, and fit for purpose.

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In a recent, independent customer survey 100% of our clients said they would recommend Etatron GB.

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Comprehensive help guides and manuals available for all Etatron GB Dosing pumps, controllers, and associated products.

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The Chemical Dosing Experts

Etatron GB are the UK & Ireland branch office of Italian Dosing Pump manufacturer Etatron D.S.

With significant expertise we can specify any solution for a Chemical Dosing Pump or Chemical Dosing Pumps in Chemical Dosing Systems.

Chemical Dosing is a vital process in a wide range of industries including Water Treatment, the Leisure Industry, Agriculture, Irrigation, and treatment of effluent.

Etatron GB’s extensive range of Chemical Dosing Pumps, Controllers, Probes and Accessories means we can provide solutions to meet our customer’s needs across a range of industries….


Automated chemical dosing...
Automated chemical dosing is an important process within Agriculture. Our pumps offer manual, proportional and integral pH control, providing a flexible solution for a variety of processes.
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A competitive range ...
We offer a competitive range of chemical dosing pumps, which includes our eOne MF and DLX (MF) ranges that offer all the methods of dosing control, meeting the needs wider industries.

Legionella Control

Designed for legionella ...
Chemical dosing systems designed for legionella control are commonly used for the maintenance of cooling towers, air conditioners and heating systems.
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Wet Leisure

Suitable for swimming pools...
Our product range includes a broad selection of control panels and dosing pumps, suitable for commercial, light commercial and domestic swimming pools.
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Process Engineering

Dust, CIP, pH correction...
Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications including odour and dust control, CIP, pH correction and more.
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Surface Treatment

Electroplating production...
We offer a range of chemical dosing pumps, including mA control, that offer precise measurements for effective chemical dosing on electroplating production lines.

Vehicle Wash

Vehicle wash systems...
Our Dosing Equipment can provide exact chemical dosing for vehicle wash systems. This ensures correct consistencies of cleaning solutions, preventing negative effects of overdosing detergent or wax into the process and waste into the environment.
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Water Treatment

Chlorine disinfection and pH...
Our range of solenoid & motor pumps are suitable for water treatment, including applications such as chlorine disinfection and pH correction. We also supply controllers for monitoring and regulation as well as tanks and mixers.
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Etatron GB's Chemical Dosing Pumps, Controllers and Dosing Systems give value for money and reliability...

Etatron GB’s Chemical Dosing Pumps, Controllers and Dosing Systems give value for money and reliability… and not only that, you will also get friendly and efficient customer service. Whatever industry you work in, whether as an SME, System Installer, Project Engineer or End User, we have a solution for you.

In a recent, independent customer survey 100% of our clients said they would recommend Etatron GB

Because we are specialists, we can take the worry out of arranging the correct identification and supply of any needed spares or replacement parts. We pride ourselves with a great support and service.

"Etatron GB are and always have been a good, honest company. They provide a good service and products, which deliver what Etatron claims they will deliver."

"Helpful, prompt and very courteous friendly staff."

"Brilliant group of people full of knowledge. Great prizes for working with them through our new builds. Pumps are easy to use and great aftercare"

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