Within the agriculture industry there is a variety of uses for Etatron’s product range including chemigation, fertigation and the treatment of water supplies for irrigation. These processes require dosing equipment that is precise and can provide a selection of control options, in addition to the reliability required for repeat dosing.

Our solenoid pumps are easy to set up and control in addition to offering a range of flow rates ensuring suitability for both large and small agriculture applications. They are suitable for installation within larger and/or mobile systems due to their compact size and shape. Our pumps are designed to be suitable for OEM use, with a range of control methods.

Often the water supplies used for irrigation are too hard and as a result require acid to be dosed into the water supply to lower the levels of alkalinity. Typically acids such as concentrated Nitric Acid are used, which means that the pumps have to be customised to ensure compatibility.

We can supply pumps which can dose proportionally based on a reading from a pH probe or from the impulses of a water meter, ensuring an even distribution of additive into the water supply.