The eControl has been designed and developed to be suitable for a wide range of systems and applications. Available with either single or dual channels, both measured and configured independently. Each measurement channel is also equipped with 4-20 mA output.

Product Info

  • Microprocessor based Dosing Controller
  • Dual Set point control
  • 4-20 mA Output
  • Min/Max Alarms
  • Overdose alarm
  • Can measure Cl, pH, Rx and other electrochemical parameters
  • Ensures accurate dosing
  • Temperature Control
  • Hysterisis
  • Suitable for all dosing systems


  • eControl

    • Single or Dual Channel
    • pH, RX or Cl Control
    • Dual setpoints
  • Technical Specification

    • Plastic casing for wall mounting
    • IP 65 protection rating
    • Microprocessor SMD technology
    • Alphanumerical digital display
    • Two points probe calibration
    • Automatic/manual temperature compensation (with optional temperature probe)
    • 2 independent adjustable set points for each measured parameter
    • Hysteresis setting
    • Delay activation function
    • 2 adjustable TTL outputs for each measured parameter
    • 2 adjustable 4-20mA outputs
    • Galvanically isolated electronics which provide protection from electronic interference
    • Removable connecting terminal boards
    • Daily/weekly timer for flocculants dosing or probe cleaning
    • Power supply options: 100-250v, 50/60Hz
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