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Solenoid Pumps

Etatron manufactures a variety of solenoid dosing pumps suitable for a great range of chemical dosing applications.

For Chemical Dosing Systems requiring multiple Dosing Pumps, Chemical Controllers, Chemical Holding TanksMixers and Dosing System Accessories we work tirelessly to coordinate and achieve lead and target date delivery needs.

Etatron’s Solenoid Dosing pumps are suitable for a range of dosing systems. With options for Flow Rates of up to 80 L/H and Pressure of up to 20 Bar we can meet your requirements. Configurable to be compatible with a variety of chemicals and available with functions to suit your needs, our Solenoid Driven Dosing Pumps are perfect for your dosing system.


Advanced control upto 20 L/h
Etatron can supply equipment necessary to build dosing systems for large or small applications. Water treatment includes disinfection, legionella control, and pH correction.
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Suitable for low flow rates
The PKX range of Solenoid Dosing Pumps is for low flow rates up to 10 L/H. Manual or proportional dosing control and an array of pump heads are available.
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Dual Dosing Pump
The eTwin is a dual dosing pump with peristaltic and solenoid build options. Perfect for pH and Chlorination control.
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Digital Solenoid Dosing Pump
Chemical dosing systems designed for legionella control are commonly used for the maintenance of cooling towers, air conditioners and heating systems.
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