Available as a Peristaltic or Solenoid Chemical Dosing Control Panel

Perfect for the Leisure Industry

Serving domestic pool customers in the Leisure Industry.

User Friendly

Compact, simple to install and easy to use.

The ePool series of peristaltic dosing control panels are perfect for the leisure industry and feature in built pH and Rx control.

The eTwin manages measurement of pH Probe and Chlorine by ORP Redox (mV) Probe or CL Membrane Probe (ppm).

The eTwin is a dual dosing pump with peristaltic and solenoid build options. It is excellent for any dosing application involving pH correction and chlorine dosing. As such it is well suited to swimming pools (including domestic pools) and light commercial applications. The broad range of measurement options include pH – Rx and pH – Cl and pH – pH.

Compact and easy-to-use, the eTwin manages the essential pool water parameters through measurement of pH, chlorine, with Redox (mV) or chlorine membrane probe (ppm).

Key Features 

  • Backlighted graphic display
  • Overdosing alarm
  • Delay timer for pump activation
  • Hysteresis regulation
  • Level control, output relay
  • 3 programming menus: set-point, calibration, settings.
  • 3 relays completely selectable: on timer mode (weekly/daily) or as an additional set-point (including the temperature), plus 1 additional relay dedicated to alarm signals
  • Anti-acid plastic casing IP65 protection


Solenoid eTwin Control Panel

Model Flow Rate (L/H) Pressure (BAR)
0206 2 6
0505 5 5

Peristaltic eTwin Control Panel

Model Flow Rate (L/H) Pressure (BAR)
0101 1.5 1.5
0301 3 1.5

Control Options

  • pH 0 – 14
  • • Rx 0 – 1000 mV
  • • Free chlorine (0-2 ppm, 0-20 ppm)
  • • 4 – 20 mA signal output
  • • Manual 0-100% control
  • • Flow sensor
  • • Level alarms
  • • Overdosing alarm
  • • Min/Max alarms


  • Supplied with complete installation kit (injection valves, foot filters, suction/delivery tubes)

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eTwin Peristaltic Control Panel

eTwin Peristaltic

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