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Etatron provides a range of accessories to meet your Dosing System’s needs.

We offer a wide range of spares and valves to provide you with the very best equipment for you and your Dosing System.

Whether you are looking for an addition to your Chemical Dosing System or a replacement part, EtatronGB offers an extensive range of chemical dosing accessories that are safe and reliable for a range of dosing applications.  

Below you can browse our range of Pump Heads, Installation Kits and Probes. We also stock diaphragms, o rings and much more. Please call or email to enquire about such items so we can ensure the accessory you need is suitable for the chemical(s) you are dosing.

View our Range of Accessories

Pump Heads

Etatron Pump Heads are designed for use with any of our Solenoid Dosing Pumps. The options for Ceramic Ball Valves and Auto Bleed provide further customisability, ensuring compatibility with your Dosing Pumps.

Installation Kits

Etatron can provide a range of valves and accessory kits compatible with a range of dosing systems. This allows you to easily and economically replace or maintain your Etatron dosing equipment.


We can provide a range of pH, Redox and chlorine probes compatible with a range of dosing systems. Sturdy and accurate, Etatron’s probes are the perfect choice for measuring and regulating your dosing system.

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If you need further information or help choosing the right Chemical Dosing Pump, Controller or Dosing System, please get in touch below!

    With our excellent customer service and after-sales technical support, Etatron is always here to help you select the right dosing pump for your application.

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