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Leisure Industry

Our product range features a number of products suitable for leisure industry applications including Swimming Pools and Spas.

Etatron can supply individual pumps and complete dosing systems suitable for both domestic and commercial wet leisure applications.

The typical chemical dosing processes used within the wet leisure industry are pH correction, Flocculant dosing (including PAC) and Chlorine disinfection. Our recommendations are informed by the standards outlined by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).


Dosing acid is the most common method of pH correction for swimming pool dosing applications. This can be done using a controller with a 4-20 mA controlled pump or with a pump which features an integral controller such as the eOne PLUS. For smaller applications such as Spas then we would recommend an ePool set up for pH dosing.


Chlorine dosing is typically used within the wet leisure industry to disinfect water. Chlorine can be dosed and controlled using either a Redox, a system used for commercial applications or Free Chlorine, a system used for domestic applications. Our eSelect controllers, and eOne PLUS pumps with integral controllers, are designed for use with either application. Similarly the ePool features integrated control for pH and Redox.


Dosing flocculant/PAC is an important application or swimming pools to ensure the filtration of otherwise non-filterable particles in the system. PAC needs to be dosed in small quantities, which is why we recommend our eOne MF dosing pump. The eOne can be set to dose minute measures of additive over a set period of time.


Etatron’s B Series are a range of peristaltic dosing pumps that have fixed and variable flow rates. With maximum flow rates of up to 12 L/H and pressures of up to 3 Bar, the B Series is perfect for essence dosing in saunas, steam rooms and other wet leisure facilities.

Explore our range of chemical dosing pumps, controllers and accessories.

A Peristaltic Pump with integral pH or Redox control. Suitable for spas and small swimming pools.

Features a wide range of functions, including manual, proportional, 4-20 mA and pH/Rx/Cl control.

Available with manual, proportional, 4-20 mA or pH/Rx/Cl control to suit a wide range of applications

Monitors and regulates pH and Chlorine levels for swimming pools and spas.

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Our datasheets and chemical dosing equipment manuals are all freely available online, or if you get stuck, simply give us a call.

We are reliable. We always do what we say we will do. Additionally, problem solving is a key driver for Etatron GB. After customer feedback we have consolidated key product manuals making online/mobile device reading and use easier.

We offer such a wide range of pumps and fittings/accessories to suit your chemical dosing needs that many quotes are bespoke. To discuss our pricing in more detail, please contact us to discuss your dosing requirements in more detail.

Generally, we do! There are the exceptions to this, for example, some motor pumps are made to order but for most pumps, spares, probes etc, we do have stock available. For larger orders our lead times are competitive.

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