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Within the agriculture and irrigation industry, there is a wide range of uses for Etatron’s Chemical Dosing Equipment product range.

Our pumps offer precise chemical dosing and, with a selection of control options and the reliability required for repeat dosing.

Within the agriculture and irrigation industry, there is a wide range of uses for Etatron’s Chemical Dosing Equipment product range. This includes chemigation, fertigation and the treatment of water supplies for irrigation. 

Our solenoid pumps are easy to set up and control in addition to offering a range of flow rates ensuring suitability for both large and small agriculture applications. They are suitable for installation within larger and/or mobile systems due to their compact size and shape. Our pumps are designed to be suitable for OEM use, these come with a range of control methods.

Often the water supplies used for irrigation are too hard and, as a result, require acid to be dosed into the water supply to lower the levels of alkalinity. Typically, acids such as concentrated Nitric Acid are used, which means that the pumps must be customised to ensure compatibility.

We can supply pumps which can be set to operate in many different modes, such as Manual, proportionally from an external pulse (1xn, 1xnM and 1/n), mA, Batch & Timer. These higher level methods of Chemical Dosing Pump control ensures an even distribution of additive into the process, with repeatability and reliability.

Why Choose Etatron?

Here at Etatron, we don’t simply sell you a pump, spares of full dosing system and walk away. We pride ourselves in our customer service and aftercare. You can find help guides and manuals online for all our products. In addition, our Technical Department is always available (during working hours) to help you with any queries that you may have.

For us, each transaction is more than just a sale and that’s why we retain our customers.

Explore our range of chemical dosing pumps, controllers and accessories.

With flow rates up to 1027 L/H our piston and diaphragm motor pumps are suitable for larger scale applications.

With flow rates up to 30 L/H and PVDF/Aflas material configuration, the eOne is suitable for dosing acid into an irrigation system.

Read our frequently asked questions. Contact us to discuss specific chemical dosing requirements

Our datasheets and chemical dosing equipment manuals are all freely available online, or if you get stuck, simply give us a call.

We are reliable. We always do what we say we will do. Additionally, problem solving is a key driver for Etatron GB. After customer feedback we have consolidated key product manuals making online/mobile device reading and use easier.

We offer such a wide range of pumps and fittings/accessories to suit your chemical dosing needs that many quotes are bespoke. To discuss our pricing in more detail, please contact us to discuss your dosing requirements in more detail.

Generally, we do! There are the exceptions to this, for example, some motor pumps are made to order but for most pumps, spares, probes etc, we do have stock available. For larger orders our lead times are competitive.

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