AF Mixers are available with shaft lengths between 600 and 800 mm and with either Single or Three Phase Motors. In addition the shaft is available in either PP or Stainless Steel (SS316), providing options for chemical compatibility.

High speed mixers designed for use with low viscosity chemicals. Featuring Single or Three Phase Motors, and shaft lengths from 600 to 1500 mm, the AGV Mixers are suitable for a range of Dosing Systems.

Etatron’s AGR-V Mixers are designed with a low speed, suitable for Water Treatment. These feature Single or Three Phase Motors and are available with shaft lengths from 700 to 1500 mm. The shaft is available in SS304, AISI 316, sheathed in Rubber Ebonite or PVC, and with a PP covered Steel Core.

Product Info

  • Mixers suitable for a number of systems and applications
  • Manual and electric mixers available
  • Available with a range of shaft materials to ensure chemical compatibility (including SS304, PP, AISI316 or Abcite)
  • Shaft lengths up to 1500 mm (longer shaft lengths available upon request)
  • Single or Three Phase power supply options


  • AGV Mixers

    • High Speed Mixer (900 or 1400 RPM)
    • Single or Three Phase Motors
    • Shaft Length from 600 to 1500 mm
    • Shafts in SS304 (standard), PP, AISI316 or Abcite
  • AF Mixers

    • Available with either PP or AISI316 Shafts
    • Shaft Lengths of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm
    • Single or Three phase motor
  • AGR-V Mixers

    • Slow turning mixer
    • Single or Three Phase Motor
    • Shaft Length from 700 to 1500 mm
    • Shafts in SS304 (standard), PP, AISI 316 or Abcite
  • Manual Mixers

    • PVC Body
    • Shaft Lengths of 600 or 800 mm
  • Technical Specification

    • High or low speed mixers
    • Available with either Single or Three phase motors
    • Available with shaft lengths of up to 1500 mm
    • Support flange for tank mounting
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