Water Treatment


Etatron can supply equipment necessary to build dosing systems for large or small applications. Water treatment includes disinfection, legionella control, and pH correction. We provide complete control over your dosing system, allowing the dosing system to fit any water treatment process.

Legionella Control

Maintaining cooling tower systems, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems, air-conditioning, or pool spas requires you to control legionella. All these systems inadvertently present perfect conditions for growing legionella.

Our dosing equipment is readily incorporated into legionella control systems. It is used for chlorine dioxide generators, chlorination pumps and biocide dosing pumps. The eOne dosing pump has the control options and accuracy necessary for chlorine dioxide generators. Similarly ourĀ control panels are very suitable for automated biocide dosing.

For more information on how Etatron can help with legionella control visit our legionella section.


Disinfection is a vital process for the water treatment industry and related applications such as legionella control. Water treatment involves disinfection to kill any pathogens which pass through the filters. In general public water supplies must maintain a residual disinfecting agent throughout the distribution system because water may remain for days before reaching the consumer.

The most widely used chemical for water treatment disinfection is Chlorine typically in the form of a sodium hypochlorite solution. Etatron can supply to you devices necessary for disinfection purposes. Our pumps have proportional 4-20 mA control to regulate the Chlorine dose into the system.

pH Correction

Water supplies need their pH levels monitored to ensure that they are neither too acidic or too alkali, therefore it is necessary to dose additive to correct the pH level. Our pumps are configurable to ensure suitability of the chemicals dosed within a system, so we can guarantee compatibility with either acids or alkalis, depending upon the application.