Water Treatment


Etatron can supply equipment necessary to build dosing systems for large or small applications including disinfection, pH correction and the dosing of flocculant. Our wide product range provides complete control over your dosing system, allowing the dosing system to fit seamlessly within a water treatment process.


Disinfection is a vital process for the Water Treatment industry and related applications. Water is disinfected to kill any pathogens which pass through the filters. Public water supplies in most countries are required to maintain a residual disinfecting agent throughout the distribution system, in which water may remain for days before reaching the consumer.

The most widely used chemical for water treatment disinfection is dosing Chlorine (typically in the form of a Chlorine solution such as Sodium Hypochlorite) into a water supply. Our pumps feature proportional or 4-20 mA control to regulate the Chlorine being dosed into the system.

pH Correction

Water supplies need their pH levels monitored to ensure that they are neither too acidic or too alkali, therefore it is necessary to dose additive to prevent the pH level from being too high or too low. This can be achieved through dosing acid or alkali to bring the pH level up or down to the appropriate level. Our pumps are configurable to ensure suitability of the chemicals dosed within a system, so we can guarantee compatibility with either acids or alkalis, depending upon the application.