Vehicle Wash


The two main uses for dosing pumps within vehicle wash systems are for dosing detergent and wax, which both require different material configuration.

Typically the pump used will be a manually controlled solenoid dosing pump set to operate on a relay to start up in accordance with the detergent or wax system. As an alternative the pumps can controlled based on a timer cycle or by receiving a pulse from a water meter. For these control methods a multifunction pump such as the eOne MF would have to be used.

A standard dosing system features a pump such as the PKX MA/A, a small manual dosing pump ideal for car wash systems in particular. The pump is operated on a relay so when the system is activated the pump will also turn on and start to dose the additive at the flow rate set by the operator.

The pumps can also be equipped with a level switch which can be configured to operate a relay switch to inform the operator when the additive supply is running low. For applications which require a larger amount of additive injected into the system, such as a train wash system, a motor pump will be more suitable due to their greater output.