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Overview of the Solenoid Range

Etatron's Solenoid Dosing pumps are suitable for a range of dosing systems. With options for Flow Rates of up to 80 L/H and Pressure of up to 20 Bar we can meet your requirements. Configurable to be compatible with a variety of chemicals and available with functions to suit your needs, our Solenoid Driven Dosing Pumps are perfect for your dosing system.


The eOne is Etatron’s newest Solenoid Dosing pump. Introducing the advanced Underload and Overload control which helps to protect the dosing system by stopping if the dosing system is underdosing or if it detects a blockage. The eOne features a new PVDF pump head as standard with double ceramic ball valves in addition to minimal energy consumption.

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DLX Overview

The DLX range of Solenoid Dosing Pumps feature flow rates of up to 20 L/H with a variety of control methods including 4-20 mA, water meter, pH, RX and Cl regulation. The DLX range can be fitted with either PP or PVDF Pump heads with either lip seals or ceramic ball valves ensuring suitability for a range of Dosing Systems..

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PKX Overview

The PKX range of Solenoid Dosing Pumps is suitable for Dosing Systems which feature low flow rates (up to 10 L/H). Available with either manual or proportional dosing control and an array of pump heads, the PKX is the optimum solution for smaller dosing systems.

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BT Overview

The BT range is designed for larger Flow Rates (Up to 80 L/H). Available with a foot mounted model (BTB) and options for chemical compatibility the BT is configurable for a range of Dosing Systems. Featuring the functionality of the DLX, the BT range is the perfect pump for larger scale Dosing Systems.

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