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Industries Overview

The Etatron product range features a variety of dosing pumps and equipment suitable for a comprehensive range of industries and applications. Featured below are general overviews of how the Etatron product range can be utilised in a range of industries. The examples in this section of our website represent just a small selection of the extensive number of suitable applications for the Etatron product range.

Water Treatment

We stock a range of solenoid and motor pumps suitable for water treatment, including applications such as chlorine disinfection and pH correction. We can also supply controllers for monitoring and regulation as well as tanks and mixers

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Leisure Industry

Etatron has had a presence in the UK Leisure Industry for over 15 years. Our product range includes a broad selection of control panels and dosing pumps suitable for commercial or domestic Swimming Pools and Spas.

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Process Industry

Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including water and waste treatment, CIP, pH correction and many more. We can supply solenoid, motor driven and peristaltic pumps, as well as mixers and tanks, a comprehensive product range which covers a broad range of uses.

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Poultry Farms

We can provide dosing pumps suitable for dosing chemicals such as OXYL-PRO, that are used for treating water supplies for chicken feed lines.

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Automated dosing is an important process within Agriculture. Our pumps offer manual, proportional and integral pH control, providing the end user with the flexibility to suit their processes.

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Vehicle Wash

Etatron pumps are reliable and accurate to ensure exact dosing within vehicle wash systems. This ensures the correct consistencies of cleaning solutions and also prevents any potential negative effects from overdosing of detergent or wax into the environment.

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