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Overview of the Peristaltic Range

Etatron Peristaltic Pumps are designed for use with Dosing Systems with low flow rates and pressure. These pumps operate on the suction‐compression created by rotors on a Silicone or Santoprene® tube, commonly used for simple dosing application, water treatment and laundry systems. Lightweight, and compact Etatron’s Peristaltic Pumps are suitable for a wide range of Systems.

B Series

The B Series features models with fixed and variable flow rates. With maximum flow rates of up to 12 L/H and pressures of up to 3 Bar, the B Series is perfect for swimming pools and washing systems (particularly the B-FCD model with its built in CD control).

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F Series

The F Series of Peristaltic Pumps feature flow rates from 0.5 L/H to 6 L/H. With the F model operating at a constant flow rate and the F-T model featuring timer settings the F Series is perfect for OEM’s looking for compact and reliable peristaltic dosing pumps.

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BH Series

The BH3-V Peristaltic Pump features a maximum flow rate of 100 L/H. The pump features manual flow adjustment from 10 to 100% of the maximum flow rate.

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