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Overview of the Accessories Range

Etatron provides a range of accessories to meet your Dosing System's needs. We offer Chemical Holding Tanks, Mixers and a wide range of spares and valves to provide you with the very best equipment for you and your Dosing System.

Chemical Holding Tanks

Etatron can provide a range of Chemical Holding Tanks for any Dosing System. We are able to provide Tanks and Bunds in either Natural or Black, and with sizes ranging from 60 litres. These area available with a number of accessories including tablet baskets, mixers, bracing plates and inlet/outlet valves.

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AF Mixers

AF Mixers are available with shaft lengths between 600 and 800 mm and with either Single or Three Phase Motors. In addition the shaft is available in either PP or Stainless Steel (SS316), providing options for chemical compatibility.

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AGV Mixers

High speed mixers designed for use with low viscosity chemicals. Featuring Single or Three Phase Motors, and shaft lengths from 600 to 1500 mm, the AGV Mixers are suitable for a range of Dosing Systems.

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AGR-V Mixers

Etatron’s AGR-V Mixers are designed with a low speed, suitable for Water Treatment. These feature Single or Three Phase Motors and are available with shaft lengths from 700 to 1500 mm. The shaft is available in SS304, AISI 316, sheathed in Rubber Ebonite or PVC, and with a PP covered Steel Core.

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We can provide a range of pH and Redox probes compatible with a range of dosing systems. Sturdy and accurate, Etatron's probes are the perfect choice for measuring and regulating your dosing system.

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Pump Heads

Etatron Pump Heads are designed for use with any of our Solenoid Dosing Pumps (dependant on Flow Rate & Pressure compatibility). The options for Ceramic Ball Valves and Auto Bleed provide further customisability for Etatron Dosing Pumps, ensuring compatibility with your Dosing Pumps.

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Valves & Spare Kits

Etatron can provide a range of valves and accessory kits compatible with a range of dosing systems. This allows you to easily and economically replace or maintain your Etatron dosing equipment.

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