AP Series

Piston Motor Pumps

The AP series are our smallest piston motor pumps with flow rates up to 190 L/H with pressures up to 20 bar. AP pumps are fitted with either PVC or AISI 316l pump heads as standard with either double or single ceramic ball valves.

Product Info

  • Long life reliable Motor Driven Diaphragm pump
  • Flow rates up to 190 L/H
  • Operating pressures up to 20 Bar
  • Up to 120 Strokes per minute
  • Single or three phase motors
  • Available without motor
  • Available with 4-20 mA Control
  • Available with self-ventilated motors suitable for inverter control
  • Available with ATEX rated motor


CodeFlow Rate (L/H)Pressure (Bar)Strokes per MinuteMotor Power (Kw)Valve Size
AISI Pump HeadPP Pump Head
50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
AP0006**00100672020101060720.181/2" GM
AP0011**0010011132020101060720.181/2" GM
AP0013**0010013-20-10-120-0.181/2" GM
AP0018**0010018-20-10-120-0.181/2" GM
AP0022**0010022-20-10-120-0.181/2" GM
AP0023**00100232813.511101060720.181/2" GM
AP0039**00100394713.511101060720.181/2" GM
AP0046**0010046-10-10-120-0.181/2" GM
AP0064**0010064-10-10-120-0.181/2" GM
AP0077**0010077-10-10-120-0.181/2" GM
AP0058**0010058704.544.5460720.183/4" GM
AP0095**00100951144.544.5460720.183/4" GM
AP0116**00100116-3.5-3.5-120-0.183/4" GM
AP0157**00100157-3.5-3.5-120-0.183/4" GM
AP0190**00100190-3.5-3.5-120-0.183/4" GM


  • AP Piston Motor Pump

    • Flow rates up to 190 L/H (50 Hz version)
    • Pressure up to 20 Bar
    • Single or Three Phase
    • Pump Head available in PVC, AISI or PVDF
    • Available with ATEX rated motor
  • Technical Specification

    • ½” to ¾” Gm valves
    • Single ball check valves
    • Manufactured in accordance with CE regulations
    • Die-cast aluminium housing protected by epoxy/anti-acid paint
    • Adjustable Stroke Length from 10%-100%
    • Standard motors are “TEFC”, 3 phase: 0.18 Kw; 1400 rpm, Isolation Class F
    • Protection rating IP55
    • Standard power supply: 230/400 Vac, Three phase, 50/60 Hz
    • Power supply options: 230 Vac, Single-phase motors, 50/60 Hz; 110 Vac, Single-phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Options


    • Servo motor mechanism which accepts 4-20mA input to remotely control stroke length
    • Self-ventilated motors for 4-20 mA control (via an inverter)


    • Pump Head: AISI 316L or PVC; Also available in PVDF or PTFE
    • Diaphragm: NBR, FPM or EPDM
    • Seals: NBR, FPM or EPDM