Poultry Farms


Etatron dosing equipment is suitable for the treatment of water supplies used on poultry farms. As our products are available with a wide range of configurations and functions they are capable of regulating the required chemical dosing rates.

A typical system includes a dosing pump controlled by a water meter, which will dose the additive in relation to the flow rate of the water supply. For dosing hydrogen peroxide or gaseous chemicals we recommend using a DLX VFT/MBB fitted with an Autobleed PVDF/FPM Ceramic Ball Valve Pump Head. We can also supply tank/bund sets for holding the additive which can be fitted with our Suction Lances which feature an integral foot filter and level switch.

Etatron has the knowledge, experience and product base to provide solutions for poultry farms. Our product range can accomodate the variety of additives and disinfectants used in this area because we know that water quality underpins the health, safety and welfare of livestock.