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Overview of the eSeries Range

Etatron GB is proud to announce the new and innovative eSeries of chemical dosing equipment. These products are the latest advancement in Etatron’s dosing equipment product lines with a focus on maintaining high levels of performance while being increasingly energy efficient.

The eOne

The eOne is Etatron’s newest Solenoid Dosing pump. Introducing the advanced Underload and Overload control which helps to protect the dosing system by stopping if the dosing system is underdosing or if it detects a blockage. The eOne features a new PVDF pump head as standard with double ceramic ball valves in addition to minimal energy consumption.

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The ePool

The ePool series of peristaltic dosing pumps are perfect for the leisure industry and feature in built pH and Rx control. These pumps operate on the suction‐compression created by rotors on a Santoprene® tube. They are energy efficient and have an operating range of 6 - 10 W energy consumption. The pumps have a maximum flow rate of 3 L/H and a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar.

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The eControl

The eControl series of dosing pump controllers are able to measure either pH or RX levels, free Chlorine and conductivity. The controllers utilise a 2 set-point system and the controller can be configured to have a dual current 4-20 mA output upon request.

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