BH Series

Peristaltic Pumps

The BH3-V Peristaltic Pump features a maximum flow rate of 100 L/H. The pump features manual flow adjustment from 10 to 100% of the maximum flow rate.

Product Info

  • The BH3-V peristaltic pump features higher flow rates with manually adjustable control
  • Flow rates up to 100 L/H
  • ​Maximum operating pressures of 1.5 Bar
  • 90-260v variable power supply
  • Supplied with 4 metres suction & discharge tubing
  • Supplied without injection valve or foot filter


ModelFlow Rate (L / H)Pressure (Bar)


  • BH3-V Peristaltic Pump

    • Adjustable flow rate
    • Supplied with 10×14 tubing
  • Technical Specification

    • Manually adjustable flow rate
    • 90-260V Power Supply
    • Santoprene® or silicone
    • Peristaltic tubing is available in Santoprene®, Silicone, Norprene® or Tygon
  • Included Accessories

    • 4m Suction/Discharge tubing (10×14 mm; IDxOD)