Process Industry


There are numerous applications for dosing pumps and equipment within the process industry including the addition of a chemical to a production line, water treatment and CIP (Cleaning In Place).

Our solenoid, peristaltic and motor pumps are all suitable for multiple applications, featuring a range of functions and options for chemical compatibility.

CIP (Cleaning In Place)

“Clean in Place” (CIP) systems are used to clean equipment, pipework, process lines and tanks, to ensure the conditions are hygienic. This process is used within a range of industries and usually involve the precise dosing of a cleaning agent or detergent into the system. All of our dosing pumps are available with material configuration to ensure chemical compatibility with the cleaning agents used within CIP processes.

Waste Water Treatment

A large number of applications will often produce waste water that must be treated before it is disposed of. Our eOne and DLX dosing pumps provide a range of control methods including proportional based on a reading from a pH probe or from the impulses of a water meter, among others. These options provide engineers with complete solutions for treating waste water, appropriate to environmental regulations.