Legionella Dosing


Etatron equipment is well suited for the demands of legionella dosing systems. We offer the accuracy and robustness necessary for biocide dosing, chlorine dioxide generation, corrosion and scale inhibition.

Choosing Etatron

We know controlling legionella is a serious responsibility and legal requirement. We know preventing legionella starts with the right risk assessment, the right maintenance and a regime of quality control. So, how can Etatron help you?

  • Installation and maintenance is easy with  phone support and if necessary a visit
  • Never lose a manual or cheat sheet again with online manuals and help files
  • Reduced downtime with a large UK stock of spare parts deliverable in 24 hours

Legionella Dosing

Legionella in water is a natural occurrence and by itself does not normally cause an issue. However many of the devices which are essential for industry and for our comfort such as refrigeration, air conditioning and hot water also provide perfect conditions for growing legionella. When inhaled as water vapor legionella bacteria can cause a form of pneumonia. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the infective dose of legionella is unknown but may be very low – cases of legionnaires disease have been reported as far as 3km from an infection source. Partner with us to help ensure that legionellosis stays a relatively rare disease affecting around 1 in 200,000 Britons a year (according to the ECDC).

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an optimal solution for legionella control offering excellent disinfection properties.  However, generating chlorine dioxide is a specialist task, which is always performed on site. The Etatron eOne dosing pump offers the accuracy, flow rate and control options required and has been integrated into WRAS and ECHA approved chlorine dioxide generators.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers dissipate heat from air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial process systems. Maintenance requires controlling not only legionella and other microbial activity, but also corrosion, scale formation and fouling to maintain the system’s cleanliness. This requires dosing specialized chemicals including corrosion inhibitors, acid/alkali and others. By combining Etatron control panels and dosing pumps one can implement a proportional dosing system which prevents abnormal wear and chemical attack on the pipe work, valves and fittings. This is a superior and cost effective alternative to pot dosing.

A cooling tower system applicable for legionella dosing requirements.


A proportional dosing system is often used for biocide dosing, to ensure biocide is kept at a constant low level. This is effective for killing bacteria without wasting chemicals or corroding equipment. Etatron dosing equipment handles oxidizing (sodium hypochlorite, sodium bromide) and non-oxidizing biocides (isothiazalone) without difficulty.  Furthermore, they can be used for proportional, timer, and sensor based dosing applications.