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eSelect Controllers

  • Next generation in the popular “Select” controller range
  • Expert & Simple modes
  • Clear & protected LCD screen
  • Programmable metering modes
  • Two set points per metering channel
  • Min/Max Alarm Output
  • Easy to read control menu
  • On/off or Proportional dosing (mA control)
  • Temperature measure & compensation
  • Network/PC connectivity
  • Downloadable USB data recording
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Related products Technical Specification

Plastic casing for wall mounting

IP 65 protection rating

Microprocessor SMD technology

Alphanumerical digital display

Two points probe calibration

Automatic/manual temperature compensation (with optional temperature probe)

2 independent adjustable set points for each measured parameter

Hysteresis setting

Delay activation function

2 adjustable TTL outputs for each measured parameter

2 adjustable 4-20mA outputs

Serial output for computer or GSM connection

USB data recording

Galvanically isolated electronics providing a high level of immunity to disturbances

Removable connecting terminal boards

Daily/weekly timer for flocculants dosing or probe cleaning

Power supply options: 24-230Vac 50/60Hz, 20-48Vdc