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Overview of the Controllers Range

Etatron’s Controllers are designed for use with Dosing Systems which require accurate and reliable regulation. They are designed to measure and control pH, Rx (Redox Potential) and Chlorine. In addition the Controllers can provide measurement of Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid and Chlorine Dioxide. Two types of menus are provided: a basic mode allows the user to control only basic functions, while the expert mode allows access to the full set of functions. Highly flexible and able to be configured to measure any of the above parameters Etatron's Controllers are perfect for a large range of Industries including Water Treatment, Leisure, Chemical Processing and Food.

eSelect Controllers

An iteration on the popular AG-Select controller with a new and improved colour screen. The eSelect features up to 3 set points and is designed to monitor and regulate the dosing of pH, ORP and Chlorine levels. The controller features USB data recording and can be connected to a PC for network connectivity.

AG-Select Oveview

Etatron’s most popular range of Chemical Dosing Controllers. Available with up to 3 set points and an array of settings and outputs, including 4-20 mA, the AG-Select will continuously provide reliable and accurate regulation and control for your Dosing System.

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The eControl has been designed and developed to be suitable for a wide range of systems and applications. Available with either single or dual channels, both measured and configured independently. Each measurement channel is also equipped with 4-20 mA output.

Control Panel

Our controllers and dosing pumps are available as a part of a panel mounted system for ease of installation and use. The panel is designed to be connected to a sample line from a dosing system, from which the pH, ORP and Chlorine levels can be determined which is then used by the attached controller or pump to regulate the dosing for the whole system.